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What is a Wall-Hung Split System?

A "Wall Split", or more fully, a wall-hung split system is probably the most common type of unit sold today. It consists of an outdoor unit (or compressor or condenser) located in a convenient location outside the premises, which is connected to an indoor unit (or head) located in the spot where most benefit from the air flow will be obtained.

These days, almost all Wall Splits are Reverse-Cycle. What this means is that as well as being able to pump heat from inside the interior to outside it (and thus cooling the interior); the machine is also capable of reversing this cycle. The system is able to pump heat from the exterior to the interior and therefore heat the interior. A reverse-cycle air conditioner is the only appliance capable of both heating and cooling. To choose another alternative would  mean having to obtain separate devices to both heat and cool the premises.

The main advantage of the wall-hung split system is that the noisiest component, the compressor, is located outside the house. With the older-style room air conditioners, the compressor was located immediately behind the air outlets, and thus all the noise of the compressor was heard from the room. The split system keeps the noisiest component outside, and only a small fan is necessary on the inside which is whisper-quiet.

You can easily see why this system is the most popular unit nowadays.  Its disadvantage is, however, that it is really only suitable for conditioning only one area or room.  To achieve coverage of the entire house then more than one Wall Split, a  Multi-Split System or a Ducted System is needed.

Mitsubishi Electric Wall Hung Split System.  Above is the indoor unit, to the lower left the outdoor unit, and in the centre the remote control units typically supplied with the system.

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