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Customer Testimonials

It's nice when people say nice things about you.  Here's what some customers have said about us!

Both students and staff were thrilled (and relieved) when the Air Conditioning was recently installed at the Hornsby Studio - and it was all thanks to Stuart at Optimum Air Conditioning.

Just before Christmas we were left high and dry by another tradesman who had submitted a quote - we accepted, and we were just waiting on the installation date, when we received a text message from him saying he had decided to close the business and wouldn't be installing our much needed and long awaiting air conditioning system - NICE (not).

Anyway, Graham (Mr Pol-arise) got back on the phone when we returned from the Christmas break and had a devil of a time finding someone who could do the job ASAP ... enter Optimum Air Conditioning.  Stuart came out the next day to look at the job, sent us a quote that same day and we were able to get the ball rolling almost straight away.  He installed the system the following Saturday (so as not to interrupt classes).  His advice was great and the overall service was awesome.

But wait - there's more!  The air conditioning at the Central Coast studio [not the new one at Hornsby] had a meltdown a couple of weeks later so I rang Stuart at 5pm on a Monday evening and he was there to assess the situation within half an hour and was back next morning to fix it.  $130 later the studio was cool again, the bank balance was still intact and he has a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!

And the moral of this story is... If you need air conditioning installed at your home address or business - or you have a problem with an existing one - do yourself a huge favour and call Stuart or Gill at Optimum Air.

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