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What sort of Service do I need?

We specialise in providing top quality maintenance, speedy repairs and where possible an out-of-hours breakdown service.  All our technicians are highly experienced and fully qualified to get your system up and running, and keep it that way.  For your convenience we have a web-based Service Request Form you can fill out to ask for help.

We offer a Breakdown Service in addition to a Scheduled Maintenance Programme.

The Breakdown Service is as its name implies.  If your system breaks down, we'll come out and fix it.

In contrast, Maintenance Programmes are designed to prevent problems from arising by keeping a watchful eye on your system, cleaning the filters regularly and therefore keeping the system operating reliably.  Your wouldn't drive your car thousands of kilometres without getting regular services - the same applies to your air conditioner!

Optimum Air has all the skills and know-how required to get your system working and keep it in optimum condition.

See our Service Guarantee to you.

Cleaning your filters

Checklist if Things go Wrong

Don't forget: you can always request a Service Call by using our online Service Request Form.

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