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When are my Filters Dirty?

There's no correct answer to suit all premises.  However, you may like to inspect your filters and see just what they are like.  These photos answer the question fairly obviously.  The below images are of filters from a ducted system's return air grille.


This is what the ideal filter looks like.  Nice and clean and no discolouration of the filter material.   And this, of course, is what to avoid: the build-up of dust and grease, and obvious discolouration.  This filter needs cleaning or replacing.

Cleaning your air conditioner's filters is an annoying, but very necessary task.  It needs to be done regularly.  If you like, Optimum Air is more than willing to book in regular maintenance visits where we'll not only clean your filters, but also inspect the system and carry out other maintenance tasks.  This is probably the best way of making sure your machine is running at peak efficiency.  Simply fill in the Ask for Service form, give us a ring, or drop us an email.

The are many problems related to having dirty filters.  The main problem is that air flow through the system will be restricted, resulting in inefficient operation.  It can also mean the air flowing through your premises is not as clean as it should be, spreading dust, and frequently causing problems for people with allergies or asthma.

Just exactly how often to change the filters is a tricky question and depends on how often you use the air conditioner, and how dusty the premises get.  Having pets increases the presence of dust.  Keeping windows open also increases the amount of dust let into the premises from outside sources.  Another thing is the size of the family: a bigger family will result in more people entering and leaving the house, both bringing in and stirring up the dust.

It's certainly possible to clean the filters yourself.  However, if you are not confident, or just know you'll keep forgetting to do it regularly, the best solution is to arrange a maintenance programme with Optimum Air Conditioning.

Don't forget: you can always request a Service Call by using our online Service Request Form.

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