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What should I do before calling for Repairs?

If you are unfortunate enough to have your air conditioner stop working for you, here are some points you can check before calling for service.  Of course, if you can't get the system functioning, Optimum Air is more than willing to pop out and give you a hand.  Simply fill in the Ask for Service form, give us a ring, or drop us an email.


Is the Power Supply Working?

Check the circuit breaker (or power point if the unit is a plug-in type room air-conditioner) as these can be tripped by storms, lightning, power fluctuations or interruptions.

Are the filters clean?

Sometimes a machine can shut down because the filters aren't allowing enough air flow.  Clean or replace the filters.

See our separate web page on Filter Cleaning.

Is the Outdoor Unit okay?

Sometimes it can be obstructed by shrubbery, plastic bags, twigs or other invasions by foreign objects.  Make sure it is clear of all debris.

Is the Indoor Unit draining properly?

The condensate drain from the indoor unit can sometimes clog up.  This can be due to dirt entering the external end of the pipe.  Wasps are known to love venturing inside the condensate drain and building their nests there, with a big effect on how water can drain away from the system.

Is the Remote Control Working?

If your system has a remote control check to see that buttons being pressed on the remote are being registered by the air conditioner itself.  This can be due to damage to the remote unit, but is almost always simply because the batteries are flat.  You can easily check that they are working by trying them in another remote control - maybe the TV or DVD, etc.  In most cases the batteries are AAA type.

Are the Temperature Settings Correct?

This is best explained by example.  If you have set the system to cooling mode, it's 20C and you have the air conditioner set to 24C, then it will simply not operate, as the room is already less than the requested temperature.  The unit is operating correctly.  Similarly if you have it set for heating, it's 28C and you have the heat level set to 25C then again, the air conditioner doesn't have to do anything to heat the room up.

Have you selected the correct mode?

While generally the Auto mode is sufficient for general use, if the outdoor and indoor temperatures are similar, then the machine can sometimes get a little confused as to which mode to use.  Auto allows the unit itself to determine whether it needs to heat or cool.  Sometimes you need to lend it a hand and specifically choose to use Heat mode or Cooling mode manually.

Is it exceptionally cold?

During very cold weather (say below 5C) the unit may appear to stop and make unusual noises or blow cold air indoors. This is normal as it is defrosting the outdoor unit. During the defrosting process the unit's controls should be left untouched as the process is fully automatic and heating will return once the defrosting is complete.

The Air Conditioner Owner's Manual

It's sometimes useful to know more about your Air Conditioner.  Your Owner's Manual is normally an essential reference for the system both now and in the future.  It's probably an overwhelming piece of information when you first get the machine, but after you've had your system for some time, there may be some further aspects of operation you need to know about.  If you have mislaid it, and the air conditioner is not particularly ancient, it's almost always possible to download one from the manufacturer's web site.  See our Links Page for links to manufacturers supplied by Optimum Air, or just do a normal search for the Australian office of your machine's manufacturer.

Don't forget: you can always request a Service Call by using our online Service Request Form.

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